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Mark Steiner Broken


Mark Steiner is a well-known figure in Oslo’s music underworld, and he’s been around in Norway for so long that many assume that he is Norwegian. He is not. This ex-New Yorker is a wandering scoundrel who one might find hanging out in the shadowy corners of a pub at closing time – whether the nearest street sign reads New York, Oslo, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon or Melbourne. A musical vagrant who draws inspiration from the same sources which may have influenced Stuart Staples, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Rowland S. Howard – yes, this entire circle of hollow-eyed,black-clad night owls with melancholic dispositions and pocket-flasks full of intoxicants to match. Mark Steiner is such a character.

The songs, the baritone voice, and the guitar on Mark Steiner’s new album can be compared to a run-down bar in a city like Berlin. In the pub “Broken,” one will find a surprisingly international atmosphere, with Frenchmen, Germans, Americans, Australians and even Norwegians. Here is a party with good times, along with scuffles, tears and heartache. Love herself sits with sorrow in a dark crook, alone with a bottle of booze. Men and women sit and chat, bicker, flirt and argue. Some of these men barely seem to even know who they are anymore. At the pub “Broken,” there are many musicians, drunk and with each their own distinct personality. These barroom regulars fit perfectly in this pub, and Mark Steiner is the illustrious bartender at the helm. Debauchery abound, emotions ensue, communication deconstructs, and yet all of the guests seem to enjoy the decadence. The music is everywhere.

The album was recorded in Melbourne, New York, Dortmund and Oslo,with some of the “crème de la crème” of today’s Swamp-Rock & Lounge-Noir musicians from around the globe, including the legends Dimi Dero & Tex Napalm, vocalist Sofy Perez & pianist Lisa Barel (of Tulla Larsen), New York string-player Susan Mitchell, Rosie Westbrook (of Mick Harvey’s band), and guitarist Cam Butler of Australia’s Silver Ray, along with many others. "Broken" consists of 11 dark and melancholic tracks of a higher order.

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Broken man

CD 11 tracks
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